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2018 Holland Seminar – July 13 to 15

Itokan has posted an event link for their upcoming seminar with Suganuma Sensei in The Netherlands.

2018 Israel Seminar – July 9 to 11

The Aikido Center of Israel has announced details of the 2018 seminar with Suganuma Sensei. Please see this link for more information: Seminar with Suganuma Sensei

2017 End-of-Year Training

Shoheijuku dojos will be closed from the 26th of December to the 4th of January. There will, however, be special end-of-year training with Suganuma Sensei at Tenjin Dojo on Friday the 29th and Saturday...

Chikushi Jogakuen 39th Embukai Video

Just opposite the Dazaifu Museum is the Chikushi Jogakuen Womens’ University. Despite only having 11 members in the Aikido club, they put on an impressive annual Aikido demonstration, including dance and weapons demos. Here...