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Fukuma Dojo Embukai Photos

Thanks once again to Yuval Moyal for taking wonderful photos. This time it was of the demonstration celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fukuma Ladies’ Dojo. The photos can be found here:

2018 Shoheijuku Embukai Photos

Thanks to Yuval Moyal, we have a great many excellent photos from both this year’s and last year’s emutaikai.

Chikushi Jogakuen 39th Embukai Video

Just opposite the Dazaifu Museum is the Chikushi Jogakuen Womens’ University. Despite only having 11 members in the Aikido club, they put on an impressive annual Aikido demonstration, including dance and weapons demos. Here...

Suganuma Sensei throws Franck Aubert

Picture of the Moment – June

Suganuma Sensei throws Franck Aubert at the Chikushino Dojo 30th Anniversary Emubukai. The event was held at the new Dazaifu Gymnasium and featured demonstrations from many groups and dojos.