Newsletter December 2017

Kokura Kita Dojo 

On November 3rd (National Holiday), a seminar and an examination for Kokura Kita Dojo (Mr. Shintaro Oka, Dojo Rep) were held at Osato Judo-Kendo Hall in Moji Ward. People from Onga Dojo and Fukuma Ladies joined us as well. After the event, we had a party at Moji Port Hotel.

Seinan University – Kyushu University Joint Enbukai 

On Saturday, November 4th, the 45th annual joint enbukai for Seinan University and Kyushu University was held at Seinan Hall. This year, so many alumni and alumnae of the host universities, people from Shohei Juku main dojos in Fukuoka, All Kyushu University Aikido Alliance member schools, and even members from Hokkaido University and Kyoto University participated in the enbukai. Thank you very much for all the support enbus.

Oita Area Joint Examination 

On Sunday, November 5th, a joint examination for the Oita area dojos was held at Oita Prefecture Gymnasium. We had as many as 270 examinees. We had exam sessions for children in the morning, and for adults in the afternoon. We also had a short practice session at the end, and I headed back to Fukuoka.


On Saturday, November 11th, a seminar and a testing for Yuyu Kai (Mr. Tsukasa Yoshida, Dojo Rep) were held at Kakogawa Martial Art Hall. We enjoyed practicing with many participants including those from the nearby dojos and some beginners who were trying out.

Nazuna Shohei Juku 

On Thursday, November 16th, I visited Nazuna Shohei Juku (Mr. Katsuto Akamine, Dojo Rep) in Usuki City who is practicing recycling-based agriculture. After the one-hour class, we visited the newly opened organic food restaurant, and enjoyed heart-felt, home-cooked dishes that we were looking forward to. All the people accompanied me headed back to Fukuoka with fulfilled body and mind.

Izumi-Otsu & Nishinomiya Dojo 

On Sunday, November 19th, a seminar and an examination for Izumi-Otsu Dojo and Nishinomiya Dojo (Mr. Mitsuo Shimada, Dojo Rep) were held at the recently renovated Izumi-Otsu City Gymnasium. People from other dojos in Kansai area as well as Okayama joined us. We had a party after the event. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Shimada for their hospitality from picking me up a day before to seeing me off after the party.

University of Teacher Education Fukuoka 

On Saturday, November 25th, the 45th anniversary joint seminar and enbukai for University of teacher Education Fukuoka was held at Okagaki Town Martial Art Hall. Support enbus were performed by the nearby dojos in the Munakata area, Shohei Juku main dojos in Fukuoka, and the university’s alumni. It was a cold day but the enbukai was filled with hot and exciting atmosphere.

Events in December & January

[Please see the Calendar]

2 All Kyushu Student Alliance Enbukai 14 Omuta Dojo
2 Ogoori Aikido-kai 16 Fujisaki Dojo
3,4 Dan/kyu Examination 17 Jinenkai
3 Zazenkai 17 Shonin Juku (Katsuhiko)
9 Yokohama Shomonkai 25th Anniversary 23 Yanagawa Dojo
9 Seinan University (Katsuhiko) 25 Keiko Osame (Last practice)
9 Kyushu University (Yamada) 26 — Jan 4 Dojo closed
10 Okagaki Dojo (Nakamura) 29, 30 Year-end practice (Tenjin Dojo)
10 Yamaguchi Showakai (Yamada) Jan 2 New Year’s Practice (Tenjin Dojo)

— Nagasaki Shomonkai

This is a belated information. On Sunday, October 15th, an enbukai celebrating Nagasaki Shomonkai’s (Mr. Atsushi Maeda, Dojo Rep)10th anniversary was held at Nagasaki City General Gymnasium.

— Suganuma Sensei